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Michael Barnathan
Michael broke his first computer when he was five and built his first one when he was seven. Since then he has dedicated his life to making computers do complex things for humans.

Michael is a serial tech entrepreneur whose last company was acquired by 8coupons.

He is also a true AI native, having earned his PhD in AI from Temple University for applying computer vision to medical imaging.
Oliver Rice
Data Science
Oli loves data science like most people love avoiding data science.

Oli completed his PhD in Machine Learning, featuring ML page-turners like 'Approximating Nonlinear Effects During Portfolio Construction’.

Since graduating, Oli’s track record of success includes core ML fields like predictive modeling and data mining, and involves a stint applying machine learning to US Missile Defense.
Daniel Burke
For 10 years, Dan has been at the forefront of driving tech innovation in enterprise.

As a former top-tier lawyer and management consultant, Dan combines a rigorous skill set with a deep passion for digital transformations.

What fuels Dan’s excitement for the future of enterprise tech? ‘We’ve seen a number of shifts - shift to online, shift to mobile – and those are nothing compared to what’s coming with AI.’
Alex Gould
Alex specializes in performance design for AI products.

Alex’s MBA mostly consisted of him splitting time between class and hassling product managers to help him develop data best practices for the performance of enterprise AI.

What has he learned? 'Data may be the new oil, but only if you know where to drill.' He knows it’s niche, but he’s cool with it.
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